The Best Hotels For Stags & Hens Visiting Magaluf

Do you need help finding the best accommodation for you stag or hen party in Magaluf?

Magaluf Hotels

The area of Magaluf is perfect for this sort of thing as there are a number of hotels that specialise in accommodating large groups of people that are there for a good time. There are great clubs and bars that will let you go wild and integrate with similar sorts of people there for that type of trip away. In this article, we’re going to break down the best hotels to stay in to maximise the quality of experience you have on your stag or hen do.

BH Mallorca

What’s great about the BH Mallorca hotel is the fact that its adult-only so you won’t have to worry about screaming children ruining your great time away.

On a stag do in Magaluf, its best to spend time away surrounded by people of a similar age and with this hotel being exclusive to adults, you won’t see any families with young children around here. In addition to that, the BH Mallorca hotel is home to a large waterpark with some thrilling rides for your adrenaline rushers. This is a perfect daytime activity that requires no extra fee when entering the waterpark if you are staying at this hotel.

A great activity to do before you hit the Magaluf strip at night. Something else to get involved in at this hotel is the day club called the Island Beach Club that holds weekly pool parties, an unmissable event if you are staying at this hotel.

To top it off, it also has the largest outdoor gym in Europe as well.

Sotavento Apartments

The Sotavento Apartments are located perfectly for everything you need when out on a stag or hen do in Magaluf. There are endless bars and restaurants surrounding these areas, giving you so much choice on your nights out. Just a short walk away as well makes travelling effortless as you are bang in the centre if you stay here.

Within the apartments themselves, there are daily pool parties around the pool. The design of the apartments are pretty slick and each one has a private balcony and decently sized TV. Food and drink are served long into the night and it is worth devoting a night out to enjoy the Magaluf strip at its fullest.

HM Martinique

This recently renovated hotel is a luxury place to stay in for your hen or stag do when visiting Magaluf. It is a 4-star hotel that is exceptionally modern. What’s more is that it is located around 500 yards away from the Magaluf beach, giving you a relaxing vibe to your time away in addition to a fun one.

You can choose between having an all-inclusive trip or have self-catering apartments, the choice is yours. The HM Martinique is home to three outdoor swimming pools and one indoor and has various high-quality sports facilities on offer too. There is a buffet restaurant with a huge selection of food on offer that is of a top standard.

A spa and free Wi-Fi top the place off. We highly recommend this place for stag and hen parties because there is so much here to keep you occupied until you head on your nights out.

Sol Wave House

The Sol Wave is one of the top pick hotels for stag and hen parties. It simply ticks all the boxes in what you need and offers affordable prices as well.

First of all, it is located right on the stunningly vibrant Magaluf beach, giving you top quality views from your hotel. Most importantly, it is right next to the Magaluf strip with all of the best bars and nightclubs for you to hit at night. With everything in such close proximity, it’s a no brainer to decide to stay here.

Within the Sol Wave House there is an infinity pool, an artificial wave machine where people can learn to surf and spacious modern rooms. The place can hardly be flawed, and it perfectly accommodates large groups of people; therefore, this place should be near the top of your selection.

Melia South Beach

The Melia South Beach is a 5-star luxury hotel that is home to the beach club, Nikki Beach Mallorca. It is the ideal location if you are looking to add a bit of style to your stag or hen do in Magaluf as there is a sophisticated design, running throughout the building, influenced by contemporary art and the recent fashion trends.

There are seriously impressive sea views from this hotel which are complimented by delicious dining and native music. Inevitably, the cost of this hotel is higher than most of the other ones on this list, however, you are getting your value for money as it offers a premium platform to accommodate your stag or hen party.

The hospitality here is supreme and it is exactly what you need after a long night out partying with your group.

Hotel Samos

Staying in the Hotel Samos will put you in the very heart of Magaluf and provide excellent accommodation for you and your group on your stag or hen do.

The hotel itself has a modern, slick interior, with well-equipped rooms varying in sizes and quality. It has been ranked as a 4-star hotel and will guarantee you a good time. It is remarkably close to the Magaluf beach which is a stunning spectacle.

In addition to that, it is surrounded by the town’s best bars, nightclubs and restaurants and all the other facilities you could ask for, including the famous BCM Magaluf. The vibrant area it is in makes the setting perfect for stag and hen dos.

BCM Magaluf Hotel

The BCM Hotel is top quality adults-only hotel that is designed especially for stag and hen do groups. This hotel consists of everything you would require and provides a relaxing ambience in comparison to other hotels. This allows you to experience a nice mix up as it will enable you to get away from the bustling strip of Magaluf for a portion of your stay.

On-site there are a number of facilities that are top of the range. The hotel offers a sundeck to enjoy the amazing Magaluf weather, a premium pool area and a patio. All guests at the BCM hotel have exclusive access to ticket rates and daytime packages for the highlights of Magaluf.

The BCM Hotel is near where the nightlife peaks and it is in walking distance from the nightclub BCM Magaluf. Daily pool parties are hosted at this hotel as well so you can pick and choose what to do and make it the ideal stag do or hen do in Magaluf.

Club B By BH Mallorca

Club B by BH Mallorca is a cheaper version of the BH Mallorca hotel and provides more affordable rooms. It is still adult-only here so again, there will be no annoying kids around shouting and screaming, threatening to ruin your experiences.

This particular hotel can guarantee a lively trip in the sun that will keep you entertained for the duration of your stay.

It is perfectly located with bars and clubs left, right and centre and on a couple minutes walk from the beach.

The hotel buffet serves a fine selection of good food across breakfast, lunch and dinner and users of this hotel have the option to stay on an all-inclusive deal. Air conditioning, comfortable rooms and balconies are provided on practically all the rooms and guests can even choose to have a pool view apartment.

This affordable option is ideal for stag dos that are on a tighter budget, but you’ll still be given impeccable accommodation that you can’t complain about.

InnSide Calvia Beach

The INNSide Calvia Beach hotel prides itself on being the newest and most modern hotel in the whole of Magaluf. It is well on its way to being one of Mallorca’s best places to stay in and has been specifically designed to host groups of friends on stag or hen parties.

With a gorgeous surrounding and a slick interface, there’s no surprise that this hotel is on its way to the top. The INNSide Calvia Beach hotel features numerous pools and a unique glass-bottom infinity pool, which is a fantastic addition to this hotel.

The Magaluf beach is only 50 metres away from the hotel as well. What makes this place stand out however, is the hybrid bar located at the top of the hotel, giving you perfect views of the Spanish horizon.

Though this hotel will be a luxurious stay, it is still very affordable and is one of the best value for money hotels in the whole of Magaluf.

So whether you are visiting on a budget and looking for a cheap hotel in Magaluf, or you want to celebrate in style and go all out, there are loads of great hotels in Magaluf that fit all different price ranges to suit everyone.

Don’t forget to check out our guide to the best restaurants in Magaluf and get the inside knowledge of where to visit before you arrive.


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