Magaluf Nightlife

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If you are looking for a VIP night out in Magaluf, Stereo Bar is a fantastic option to experience some of Magaluf’s nightlife.

BCM Magaluf is undoubtedly one of Europe’s best electronic dance music clubs, due to a combination of the insane sound system, the top DJs and of course because of the atmosphere. You’ll do well to find a better atmosphere anywhere in Europe that is better than this one, so it is a top place to visit on a Magaluf hen party or Magaluf stag do.

Even though it’s not included in the MCP, it’s definitely worth a visit if you want to party the night away at the biggest, and arguably the best nightclubs in Magaluf. Magaluf is renowned for its wild nightlife and there is a massive range of bars and nightclubs to enjoy a stag or hen party. In this article, we’ll be covering the very best Magaluf has to offer and explain why it is a must-do if you love your nights out. It owns the name of being the party capital of Europe and that comes to zero surprise whatsoever. There is an incredible amount of action on offer out in Magaluf and it is a place that never sleeps. If this sounds good to you then check out this article which will guide your way around maximising your stag do or hen party in the nightclubs of Magaluf.

The heart of the action in Magaluf is of course in the infamous 600m Magaluf strip. This is the hotspot for the craziest nightlife the Magaluf has to offer, as it is filled with dozens of neon-lit bars and nightclubs. With more than enough going on here, we guarantee that you’ll have a night that you’ll struggle to forget here. Perfect for your last night of freedom.

BCM Magaluf

In an article talking about Magaluf’s nightclub, it would be impossible not to mention BCM. This is by far the island’s biggest nightclub and can fit in a whopping 5000+ people at its full capacity. It attracts some of the world’s biggest DJs and has an electric vibe filled with thousands of avid partygoers. It is an absolute must visit in Magaluf for stag and hen parties and is one of the main reasons why Magaluf is so popular amongst partygoers.

Not only that, but it’s ‘Funktion One’ sound system is the world’s most expensive and boasts an incredible 65,000W; nothing can rival the sound quality at BCM. It is an explosive place to visit and we highly recommend that you go wild here. As long as loud noises don’t annoy you, there’s nothing to dislike about this place.

Magaluf Club Pass (MCP)

The Magaluf Club Pass gives you access to all 7 MCP clubs, queue jump and access to all events.

This is the ultimate pass if you’re looking for a week of hardcore partying without any days off and is the clubber’s dream. The clubs that are included with the pass include:

  • Boomerang’s Nightclub
  • Boomerang Terrace
  • Carwash Nightclub
  • Bananas Nightclub
  • Honey Lap Dance
  • Tokie Joes

They are all located on the main street and are renowned for being some of Magaluf’s very best clubs, all of which are open from 11pm-6am!

Furthermore, you get access to all of the mega events, including Magaluf Live, the MCP foam party and of course the UV paint party.

Stereo Bar

If you are looking for a VIP night out in Magaluf, Stereo Bar is a fantastic option to experience some of Magaluf’s nightlife. Stereo is one of the main bars on the Magaluf strip and very popular with hen parties and stag do’s. They are famous for their cocktails, so if you’re looking for something a little more than just the local spirits, then you’ll find something at Stereo Bar to your liking. The bar is lit up by bright neon lights and has a great atmosphere.

Alex Bars

The Alex bars are a range of several bars in the same area in Magaluf that are all owned by the same family, all of which are open from 11pm-4am. The most popular of all of them is the original ‘Alex’s Bar’, which mainly plays R&B/Hip-Hop music, as well as some of the biggest UK Garage tracks. The vibe is definitely a change from the vast majority of the music scene in Magaluf, and is a great option for those that appreciate this genre of music. There is a dance floor, dancers and even an outside terrace area if you want to take a step outside with your drink.

Another great option is Alex’s Lounge Bar, which is just opposite Alex’s Bar. It has a more relaxed vibe and is filled with lots of comfy chairs.

Alex’s Indie Bar is super popular if you are on a Magaluf stag do is a relatively small bar with a terrace area outside, a bar and small dance floor inside. The DJ in this place is great if you like some Stone Roses or similar Indie type bands.

The vibe at Alex’s Indie bar is laid back and it’s a good place to chill and watch the rest of the strip as it passes by. If you are after a slightly more relaxed place to have a night out in, then check out Alex’s Indie Bar as there is a good selection of music and a slightly more chilled vibe. We can assure you that you will have an excellent night out here though.

The latest addition to the collection of Alex’s bars is ‘Alex’s Party Zone’, which is an all-out party bar with the best party tunes. As you might expect, there are lots of drinking games and such going on throughout the night, so if you’re feeling in the mood, Alex’s Party Zone is a great place to go to for a wild night! If you are an avid drinker, then you can’t not go here as it is one of the most enjoyable places in Magaluf to have a night out in.

Magaluf Square

Magaluf Square is just below the strip and behind BCM nightclub and is filled with bars and restaurants. It has a pleasant food court called ‘Plaza Emoriyum’, where you can choose from 12 different restaurants serving different cuisines, including Italian, Spanish Tapas, or even fish and chips. Some of the bars you can find in the square include a Beer Keller bar, a Coyote Ugly bar, as well as the Peaky Blinders bar. The square has a great atmosphere due to the big capacity it has, making it a great place to watch any sort of sporting events. It is one of the best places to start you night out when on a stag or hen party in Magalif.

All in all, it is pretty clear to see why Magaluf is such an attractive place to nightclub goers to come and enjoy a hen party or stag do. There is a range of insane venues, with the highest quality DJs and music out there. Though it may be a pretty popular place already to come and visit, its value is not overrated and it should be on every party goers bucket list.

People of varying ages like to come to Magaluf for its insane nightlife. If you are on a hen party or stag do then it is ideal for you. What makes Magaluf’s nightlife great is the affordability as well. Buying drinks on nights out can sometimes be a bit pricey, but out in Magaluf, you won’t have to worry about this because they are extremely affordable out there.


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